Appointment Coordination & Scheduling Service

woman on phone with computer displaying a calendar

Focus on your quality of service, while TAS-PAGE coordinates and schedules upcoming appointments for you. After hours appointment answering is available too, so you and your staff can rest easy during time off, while TAS-PAGE coordinates appointments in your calendar. Your customers will enjoy the freedom to make appointments at any time throughout the day and night, instead of having to leave a message and hope that it gets received.

This virtual receptionist service is perfect for:

  • Beauty & Hair Salons
  • Massage Clinics
  • Spas
  • Chiropractors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Sports Rehab Facilities
  • Psychologists

Outsourcing appointment scheduling is a cost effective way for service providers to stay organized without having to hire an on-site, full-time receptionist. Your staff can focus directly on customer service instead of arranging available time slots and receiving texts, emails, and calls from clients at any point throughout the day.

Our service can integrate directly into the current web-based appointment system that is already being used. And if you’re not utilizing the web for appointments already, we can help you make the switch. If you need appointment reminders by text, email, or call, TAS-PAGE can do that too! Please note that TAS-PAGE IS Sensitive to customer privacy concerns and rules within organizations.


Virtual Reservation Scheduling

When your business is booming and reservations are coming in non-stop every weekend, it’s time inquire about virtual reservation scheduling. TAS-PAGE has the capacity to take reservations for your restaurant and note any dietary restrictions or customer requests. Our virtual reservation scheduling service includes a friendly, live agent answering the phone based on your restaurants branding. Customers always prefer speaking to a real person when making reservations.

Reservations are documented with all required customer information using the same software the restaurant is using. This means restaurant staff can view new reservations and numbers in real-time as they are updated by TAS-PAGE. It’s a seamless approach and the customer would never know that our live agents aren’t physically answering the phone at your restaurant or business. Often, the restaurant calls the customer back to confirm their reservation and dining requests. Full reporting and phone call usage data is always available to our clients!